We are excited to announce that Microsearch Laboratories Ltd have recently formed a partnership to become part of a group of laboratories called IFP Labs.

IFP Labs provide testing services, analytical consumables and test kits to ensure the safety and quality of products for consumers and as part of IFP labs, Microsearch will have access to additional services offered by the group.

Some of the additional services we can now provide as a member of IFP labs are as follows;

Additives (Including Colours, Preservatives and Sweeteners), Contaminants (Including MOSH/MOAH, Ethylene oxide, Heavy Metals, Acrylamide, PCB’s, PAH and Mycotoxins), Minerals, Radiation, Pesticide Residues, Vitamins, Adulteration and Country of Origin.

This is a new chapter in Microsearch’ s history, by joining IFP labs we have further strengthened our position as a leading provider of laboratory testing services to the food industry and have secured a healthy and long lasting future for Microsearch and all of our employees.